About Us

How We Work

Bayside Ladies Kickboxing (BLK) has its origins from a balanced approach in what ever we do, and is part of the Nutaofit Martial Arts Academy (NMAA), i.e. Nu – Nutritional, Tao – Way or path for life, Fit – Physical and mental fitness. BLK, as part of NMAA focuses on learning and developing skills of students in kickboxing, cardio exercises as well as in self defence that can be applied in any possible situation. We provide alternatives through the use both verbal and physical approaches to students.

Our Core Values

Value Wellbeing

Learning to cope with day to day pressures through concentration exercises to maintain a contented wellbeing

Value Teamwork

Knowledge in belonging to a group or club and using this to excel within the group.

Challenge the Status Quo

Learning to push through the comfort zone so as to go beyond complacency and achieve your goals.

Health & Exercise

Creating good health and confidence through a series of exercise routines to better enjoy their quality of life.

Be Respectful & Safe

Creating a safe environment to allow students to test themselves within.

Strive for Excellence

Seek out excellence in all areas to learn and through practice become masterful in all activities.

What else can we do to convince you?